What is Borosilicate Glass and How is it Used?

Not all glass is made equal. Some types are much more suitable for certain applications than others. Borosilicate glass is a specific type of glass that is well known for its low coefficient of thermal expansion and consequent thermal shock resistance. Borosilicate glass manufacturers use boron trioxide and silica to produce a durable glass that… Read more »


What Are Bandpass Filters Used For?

Optical bandpass filters, which transmit only a certain band of wavelengths while reflecting all others, are useful in a variety of industries. At JNS Glass and Coatings, we often supply optical bandpass filters for machine vision, near infrared imaging, ultra-violet imaging, fluorescence microscopy, spectroscopy, and LiDAR applications. Machine Vision Applications Machine vision systems often rely… Read more »


What Are Optical Bandpass Filters?

At JNS Glass, Inc., we produce and provide a vast array of glass products and coatings for myriad applications. One product in which we specialize is the optical bandpass filter. In fact, our inventory of optical bandpass filters is one of the largest in the world. We even offer custom optical bandpass filter production for… Read more »


Beamsplitter Mirrors for Pepper’s Ghost

With a long history of dazzling viewers, Pepper’s Ghost Glass is a theatrical illusion that transforms images, videos or performers into a “ghost like” presence in theaters, amusement parks, museums, television, or concerts.   The technique behind this “magic” utilizes a plate of glass, light, and reflection.  In 1982, John Henry Pepper perfected this miraculous imagery… Read more »

Anti Reflective GlassNon Glare glass


Anti-Reflective or Non Glare?

Clearing up the confusion of Anti-Reflective Glass vs. Non-Glare Glass The jargon of the glass industry is not always clear when it comes to anti-reflective glass.  The terms anti-reflective glass and non-glare glass are often used interchangeably; but in reality, they are very different types of glass.  In this post we will explain how these… Read more »


Anti-Reflective Coatings for LiDAR Applications

Custom Anti-Reflective Coatings on Tough Glass Substrates Anti-Reflective Coatings are being widely implemented to improve the efficiency of LiDAR detectors.  LiDAR technology involves sending light from a source and measuring the returned beam.  This technology is used in a wide range of mapping applications and is currently being implemented in navigation control for autonomous vehicles. … Read more »

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