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Ultra Thin Glass

JNS defines Ultra Thin Glass as any glass thinner than 2mm.  It was not that long ago that ultra thin glass did not exist or was very limited.  JNS offers ultra thin glass in clear, ultra clear, alumino-silicate, borosilicate, non glare, anti-reflective and other forms.

Today Ultra Thin Glass now comes in many forms and is stronger, lighter and more versatile than ever.

JNS is a global leader in Ultra Thin Glass and carries the following types of Ultra Thin Glass.

< 0.3mm0.3mm – 1mm1mm – 2mm
AGC EN-A1AGC EN-A1Corning Eagle XG®
Corning Willow Glass®Corning Eagle XG®Corning Gorilla Glass®
Schott AS-87 ECOCorning Gorilla Glass®Schott D263 T ECO®
Schott D263 T ECO®Schott D263 T ECO®Schott Borofloat®
Soda Lime (float)Schott Borofloat®Soda Lime (float)
Anti-ReflectiveSoda Lime (float)Low Iron
 Anti-ReflectiveEtched Non Glare