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UV Filters, Glass filters for Blocking or Passing UV

JNS offers UV Control in numerous forms:

UV Filters from JNS Glass & Coatings are designed for precise UV Control.  JNS offers numerous UV Filters for absorbing, reflecting and also passing UV.

  • Large format sheet size up to 48” x 68”
  • Any size custom optics including concave lenses
  • Bandpass filters for blocking or passing specific bandwidths
  • Custom substrates, thicknesses and sizes

UV rejection filters are designed to block all and any unwanted UV energy while transmitting the desired light.  UV rejection coatings are used in medical instruments, imaging systems, outdoor displays, industrial equipment and many other OEM applications requiring specific control of the UV spectrum.

UV passing filters are designed to pass all or a portion of the UV spectrum while blocking visible light or other unwanted bandwidths.  UV passing filers are most commonly used in curing applications, fluorescence microscopy and Blacklite Lamps.