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Silk Screened Glass

Silk screened glass from JNS is manufactured in a variety of processes on a variety of machines with a variety of inks.  The platform selected for custom printed glass is always determined by the customer’s specific needs.

Custom printed glass from JNS is performed on either a semi-automatic printer or automated printer within a Class 1000 or Class 10,000 cleanroom.  In addition to printing border, graphics and logos JNS also offers many specialty printing processes:

  • Dead fronts
  • Etching & Bus Bars
  • Edge Printing

Custom screen printing of glass is often the final process to complete the turnkey glass fabrication from JNS.  The screen printing can be applied to ultra thin glass, chemically strengthened glass, tempered glass and float glass.  One of the most popular glass types screen printed by JNS is Gorilla Glass.