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Thermal Glass Strengthening and Chemical Glass Strengthening

JNS Glass & Coatings heat strengthens, heat tempers and chemically strengthens glass for OEM customers around the world.   

Heat tempered glass, also referred to as safety glass, is used in the toughest applications requiring high impact strength, resistance to thermal stress and a safety break pattern.  

Heat strengthened glass is specified for applications where fully heat tempering the glass may not be an option due to the thickness of the glass or type of glass.  Heat strengthened glass typically yields a slightly better cosmetic surface than fully heat tempered glass but will not break into a full safety dice pattern.  

Chemically strengthened glass is typically used for thinner glass applications or applications requiring pristine surface quality such as an electronic displays or cover glass.  JNS chemically strengthens sodalime glass, non-glare glass and also high-ion exchange materials such as Corning Gorilla Glass.

Call us today to find out the strengthening options available for your project.  Our versatility allows us to provide strengthened glass parts as small as 1” and larger than 10ft in a wide range of thicknesses.