Beamsplitter Mirrors for Pepper’s Ghost


With a long history of dazzling viewers, Pepper’s Ghost Glass is a theatrical illusion that transforms images, videos or performers into a “ghost like” presence in theaters, amusement parks, museums, television, or concerts.  

The technique behind this “magic” utilizes a plate of glass, light, and reflection.  In 1982, John Henry Pepper perfected this miraculous imagery and took it to the stage to launch its’ sensational popularity.  Pepper would face an audience toward one room, in another, identical room (out of sight of the audience) an actor or object would be placed.  The main room held a plate of glass at a 45 degree angle, invisible to the audience, but once light was introduced into the hidden room and the main room went dim, the reflection that was created on the glass made the image appear to float before the eyes of the audience.

Pepper’s Ghost Glass maintains the power to demand the attention of viewers to this day and is an awe-inspiring addition to any museum, performance, concert, movie, educational event, or amusement park.  

JNS Glass, Inc. is a premiere provider of the beamsplitter glass or teleprompter mirrors used in Pepper’s Ghost applications. JNS can provide you with precision glass fabrication for a turnkey solution for your project.  We maintain beamsplitter glass on hand and ready for your immediate use in sizes as large as 126” x 88” we can fabricate any size or shape you need. 

We can provide 50% transmission/50% reflection with high efficiency broadband anti-reflection coating on the backside. 

Please take the opportunity to explore the following link to learn more about the beamsplitter glass we provide and how it can be a useful tool for your project.