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Beamsplitter Mirrors for Pepper’s Ghost

With a long history of dazzling viewers, Pepper’s Ghost Glass is a theatrical illusion that transforms images, videos or performers into a “ghost like” presence in theaters, amusement parks, museums, television, or concerts.   The technique behind this “magic” utilizes a plate of glass, light, and reflection.  In 1982, John Henry Pepper perfected this miraculous imagery… Read more »

Anti Reflective GlassNon Glare glass


Anti-Reflective or Non Glare?

Clearing up the confusion of Anti-Reflective Glass vs. Non-Glare Glass The jargon of the glass industry is not always clear when it comes to anti-reflective glass.  The terms anti-reflective glass and non-glare glass are often used interchangeably; but in reality, they are very different types of glass.  In this post we will explain how these… Read more »


Anti-Reflective Coatings for LiDAR Applications

Custom Anti-Reflective Coatings on Tough Glass Substrates Anti-Reflective Coatings are being widely implemented to improve the efficiency of LiDAR detectors.  LiDAR technology involves sending light from a source and measuring the returned beam.  This technology is used in a wide range of mapping applications and is currently being implemented in navigation control for autonomous vehicles. … Read more »