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Schott D263 T ECO

Schott D263 is an ultra clear, ultra thin borosilicate glass. D263 ECO offers high chemical resistance, is not permeable to humidity and has great flexibility (similar to plastic). D263 ECO serves as great substrate for thin film optical coatings such as anti-reflective or IR cut filters. The fire polished smooth surface of Schott D263 and the range of thicknesses available makes it an incredibly versatile, ultra thin glass.

JNS inventories Schott D263 in numerous thicknesses. In addition to offering full sheets of D236, JNS can cut, shape and fabricate it to any size needed. JNS routinely provides the following value add services to Schott D263 Substrates.

  • Anti-Reflective Coating (1 or 2 Sides)
  • IR Cut Filters for Sensors and Cameras
  • Oleophobic Coating to improve clean-ability of the glass
  • Cut to wafer or other desired size