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Anti-Reflective Glass & Non-Glare Glass

Anti-reflective glass has been optically coated on one or two sides to eliminate reflections and increase the light transmission.  JNS anti-reflective glass reduces surface glare and increases substrate transmission and brightness, offering better contrast definition over a specific wavelength range.  JNS produces single or multilayer dielectric AR coatings.  Anti-reflective coatings can be designed for the UV, Visible or IR spectrums on any types of substrates ranging from custom optics, acrylic, polycarbonate, heat tempered glass or Gorilla Glass™.

With Anti-Reflective Coating on both sides:

Chart showing anti-reflective coating on both sides of glass

Normal glass without coating:

Anti-Glare, also referred to as Non-Glare glass, is manufactured by acid etching one or both surfaces of the glass.  Anti-Glare glass provides uniform evenly diffused surfaces for high resolution applications.  JNS Glass & Coating’s Anti-Glare Glass disperses reflected light, allowing the user to focus on the transmitted image. Non-Glare Glass is available in several etching levels: from 50 to 130 gloss units.  The lower gloss rating equals a more diffused glass surface.