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Anti-Reflection Coatings

Anti-Reflection coatings are single or multilayer dielectric layers that are applied to a glass or polymer substrate to eliminate or reduce surface reflection.  JNS Glass & Coatings is a turnkey provider of anti-reflection coatings and anti-reflection windows. JNS is able to provide durable anti-reflective coated optics leveraging our extensive substrate inventory, precision fabrication equipment and some of the largest, fastest, cutting-edge deposition equipment in the United States.

  • Surface reflection as low as 0.10%
  • Increases light transmission
  • Flat glass, Molded optics, heat tempered glass, Gorilla® Glass, borosilicate, acrylic, polycarbonate
  • Designed for UV, visible, IR spectrums or combination
  • Oleophobic option for improved cleanability and fingerprint resistance