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Low Iron Glass – Ultra Clear, Starphire, OptiWhite

Low Iron or Ultra Clear Glass delivers maximum clarity and color neutrality – clear to the edge.  Without the green tint of standard float glass, JNS low iron optically clear glass offers improved light transmission.  Low Iron, due to the reduced iron content, offers up to 8% (glass thickness dependent) more light transmission vs regular soda-lime glass.  

Low Iron glass is typically used in almost any application in which low coloration and/or high optical transmission is desired.  Low iron glass is also used in applications where the cosmetics of the glass are important.

Low Iron glass can be fabricated in the same ways as regular soda lime glass.

JNS inventories several brands of Low Iron Glass:

  • UltraClear™ by Guardian Glass
  • Starphire® By PPG
  • Optiwhite™ By Plikington
  • Clearvision & Krystal Klear by AGC