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JNS Glass & Coatings is a turnkey provider for protective cover glass, enhancement glass and glass fabrication needed to make your display stand out from the crowd. JNS has numerous in house capabilities specifically tailored to the display market:

  • immense inventory of glass
  • thin Film Coatings
  • glass strengthening
  • screen printing
  • electrical connectivity
  • vast fabrication capabilities

The rapidly evolving Information Display Market has come to relay on JNS Glass & Coatings years of experience. JNS has the engineering support and solutions to meet the most demanding needs for thin, robust high resolution displays.

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Thin Film Coatings

  • EMI Shielding & Heater – ITO & IMITO
  • High Throughput Transmission (to 99%)
  • Optimized for Bonded or LC Interface
  • On Substrates 0.07mm to 25.4mm Thick

  • Anti-Reflection – Sunlight & Broad Angle Viewing
  • Rphotopic < 0.5% for the Visible
  • Viewing Angle 0-45 degrees

  • Protective Coatings – UV Blocker, Hot Mirror
  • Block Damaging UV, Transmit Visible
  • Block Damaging NIR Heat, Transmit Visible

Screen Printing

  • Control Panel Features, Logos, Borders
  • Color Matched to Specifications

  • Performance Ink – High Temp, Epoxy, Carbonless
  • Semi-Transparent to Opaque (OD 3.5)

  • High Resolution
  • 0.005” (Epoxy), 0.012” (Frit)
  • Feature-to-Feature Resolution ± 0.004”

  • Part Size – 56” x 85” (1422mm x 2184mm) Max.
  • Thin to Thick Glass – 0.005” to 1” (0.127mm to 25.4mm)

Bus Bars & Wire Soldering

  • For Unusual or U-Shaped Bus Bars

  • Silver Epoxy – Screen Printed Bus Bar
  • Ultrasonically Applied, Single Step, Lower Cost

  • Indium Bus Bar & Solder Wire
  • Performance Guaranteed Solution

  • Glass, Coating, Screen Printing, Bus Bars, Wires
  • Tri-Metal (Cr, Ni, Au) – Thin Film Deposited
  • Excellent Precious Metal Conductivity

  • Silver Frit – High Temp Baked On
  • On Glass for Enhanced Corrosion Resistance


Chemical Tempering and Heat Tempering

Silk Screening – multicolor, ceramic frit, epoxy

Edging – seaming, grinding, CNC grind and polishing

Hole Drilling – countersunk, stepped, through holes


VHB Tape Application

Etching and Bus Bars

Edge Printing

Oleophobic coatings-reduces fingerprinting on AR

Anti-splinter film

Sandblasting – partial part

Protective Coatings & MIL-Spec Tests

  • Proprietasry Olephobic Resists Severe Abrasion
  • Meets MIL-C-675C (Steel Wool & Eraser Test)
  • Repels Dirt, Dust, Water, Grease, Oil
  • Easy-to-Clean and Maintain – NO Stain
  • Enhances High Use Field Performance & Longevity

  • Military Specifications
  • MIL-C-14806, MIL-PRF-13830, MIL-C-48497, MIL-M-13508, MIL-C-675C

  • Environmental Testing Available On-Site
  • Temperature, Humidity, Salt Water Immersion

Anti-reflective glass, anti-reflective coatings, AR coating, teleprompter glass, JNS Glass and Coatings