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A hidden TV/Display is similar to a beamsplitter in that is essentially a “half-mirror” or “semi-transparent” mirror.  A hidden TV/Display mirror looks like a conventional mirror – essentially hiding the TV or display.  Once the TV or electronic device is turned on it becomes visible from behind the mirror – behaving like a normal TV.

The goal for most hidden display applications is typically two-fold.  First, it is to maximize reflection as much as possible so that the mirror looks like a conventional mirror.  Secondly, the goal is to have just the right amount of light transmission through the mirror for the display to be completely functional (as if the mirror just vanished!)  For some applications these goals may be reversed where transmission is paramount and reflection is a secondary concern.

JNS offers multiple different varieties of hidden TV mirrors.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific needs and to tailor fit the right solution for your needs.

JNS Glass

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  • Exceptional Performance
  • Can be heat tempered
  • Extremely durable coating and long lifetime of the product
  • Exception Clean-ability and Scratch-Resistance


Consumer electronics

  • Cover panels for TV
  • Cover panels for data display devices


  • Partition walls
  • Design elements (interior and exterior)


  • Mirrors

Observation rooms:

  • Supermarkets
  • Security zones
  • Conference rooms with cameras
  • Hospitals

Available three different types of products – with 36%, 50% or 64% elegant silver color reflections, which remains stable under various angles of viewing.

JNS Glass

JNS Glass