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JNS Glass & Coatings Front Surface Mirror (aka 1st surface mirror) has a highly reflective surface on top of the substrate, eliminating light passing between the glass and the reflective surface. Front surface mirrors are made for applications requiring strict reflection without a ghosting effect that is common with a second surface mirror.  Front Surface Mirrors (FSM) can be as large as 74” x 140” and can be fabricated just like traditional soda-lime glass. 

JNS Glass
JNS Glass


  • Overcoated with all dielectric layers to enhance reflectivity and protect against heat, humidity and abrasion
  • 94% and 97% reflectance depending on the mirror

Typical Applications:

  • Telescopes
  • Simulators
  • Projection units
  • Entertainment lighting
  • Scanners
  • Medical
  • Photonics and optics
  • Industrial