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JNS distributes and fabricates SCHOTT Xensation® glass, a high-quality alumino-silicate glass with outstanding resistance to breakage and scratches for all cover and touch applications, including capacitive, resistive, optical, and acoustic.

JNS Glass & Coatings not only has experience strengthening and fabricating Xenstation® glass but we regularly coat Xensation™ with thin film coatings such as AR coatings, bandpass filters, ITO coatings or other precision coatings specified by our customers.

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Xensation® Cover – Alumino-Silicate Glass for capacitive touch technologies
Xensation Cover is a high-quality Alumino-silicate glass with outstanding resistance to breakage and scratches for capacitive touch technologies

Key-Benefits of Xensation® Cover:

  • SCHOTT’s unique microfloat manufacturing process gives the Xensation® Cover alumino-silicate glass its excellent sheet quality.
  • Due to the impressively high Compressive Stress (CS) and Depth of Layer (DoL), Xensation® Cover offers outstanding strength.
  • The robust nature of Xensation® Cover results in very stable CS, DoL and overall strength even under varying chemical strengthening conditions. This enables a broad process window.
  • Xensation® Cover maintains its high strength even when process optimization calls for shorter ion exchange. Xensation® Cover is available in a wide range of thicknesses with tight tolerances.

Dimensional Availability:

Sheet Size*:

  • 1150 x 950 mm
  • 475 x 575 mm

Thickness Range:

  • 0.55 to 2 mm stocked