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JNS Glass & Coating supplies Dragontrail™ which is a proprietary chemically strengthened and tempered float-glass material that is 6-times stronger and more durable than the widely used soda lime glass. This increased strength allows AGC to manufacture thinner sheets, allowing device manufacturers to answer the market’s demand for thinner and lighter weight devices. Dragontrail™ is free of environmentally harmful materials such as arsenic, lead, and antimony.

JNS Glass & Coatings not only has experience strengthening and fabricating Dragontrail® glass but we regularly coat Dragontrail™ with thin film coatings such as AR coatings, bandpass filters, ITO coatings or other precision coatings specified by our customers.

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Key Features:

  • 6X tougher than soda lime glass
  • Lightweight , thinner sheets
  • Highly scratch resistant
  • Beautiful ultra-clear finish
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Ideal protective cover for electronic displays in:
    – Handheld devices and instrumentation
    – Ruggedized displays, Laptops, and tablet computer screens
    – Mobile devices including smart phones
  • Touchscreen devices
  • Optical components and protective cover glass in rough environments

Dimensional Availability:

  • Thicknesses – ranging from 0.5 to over 5.0 mm). Stock thicknesses include 0.8mm and 1.1mm.
  • Sheet size – 48” x 29” (1219.2 x 736.6mm) standard and 60” x 48” (1524 x 736.6mm) available in 1.1mm. custom sizes may be available upon request.

Spec Sheet