Gorilla®, Dragontrail™, Xensation™

//Gorilla®, Dragontrail™, Xensation™
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JNS maintains a robust inventory of Corning® Gorilla® Glass,  AGC Dragontrail™ Glass and SCHOTT Xensation™ Glass that we fabricate, drill, print, and coat to meet our customer’s specification.  We support our customers from the sampling phase through production phase and offer the ultimate one-stop-shop experience, supplying all of the processes from strengthening, fabrication to coating.

These materials are also referred to as High Ion Exchange Glass.  This HIE™ glass is strong, lightweight and flexible. It is a high quality aluminosilicate glass that is chemically strengthened to achieve incredible scratch resistance, break/impact, and shock resistance. HIE® Glass is significantly stronger than similar thickness of soda lime glass.

The specially-designed material and unique salt bath processes combine to achieve a very high depth of layer during the chemical strengthening process, the end result of which is increased strength makes HIE™ glass the ideal solution for cover glass and touch screen applications.

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