UV Blocking

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JNS UV rejection coatings are designed to block all and any unwanted UV energy while transmitting the desired light. We offer stock UV blocking glass and custom UV blocking coatings which are typically used in lighting systems, medical and laser instruments, displays, and many other OEM applications requiring specific control of the UV spectrum.   We typically coat on Borofloat® borosilicate glass in sizes up to 24” diameter.

UV Blocking Filters

Our UV Blocker coating is used in a variety of UV sensitive applications. Examples include protection of artwork in museum displays, liquid crystal devices, and UV sensitive optical fibers.
Average T ≤ 1% 200-390nm
Average T ≥ 90% 430-700nm

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HM-UV-1050 UV Pass Hot Mirror

UV Hot Mirror filters are specially designed to transmit more than 80% on average from 245-460nm and reflect more than 70% in average from 800-1050nm at normal incidence. Custom angles of incidence can be designed to specification.

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Blacklite™ UV Filters

Blacklite™ filters are all dielectric thin films on borosilicate glass and offer some additional features over MUG-2 filter glass. The transmitted efficiency is superior, which is critical in areas such as forensics, fluorescence and inspection. Because this is a coated filter, rather than an absorption based filter glass, heat produced by the light source is allowed to exit through the filter. This lowers overall system temperature and can extend lamp life. Additionally, in high temperature applications where tempered MUG-2 is not adequate, Blacklite™may be suitable due to its Borofloat® substrate.

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470 Short Wave Pass (SWP) Filters

470 SWP filters are often used in fluorescence microscopy and other applications where near UV and blue pump wavelengths are required. Our 470 SWP filter passes an average of 85% of energy from 340nm-450nm wavelengths. Average transmittance from 500nm-700nm is reduced to less than 0.5%. Performance is specified at normal incidence. This coating is typically provided on Borofloat® glass but can also be coated onto fused silica or other UV transmissive glass materials.

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Optivex™ UV Blocking Filters

The Optivex™ UV Filter combines excellent optical characteristics, color balance, and rugged durability, making them ideally suited for fine art musuems, natural history museums, commercial art galleries, private collections, antiquarian collections, retail establishments and high bay lighting applications

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