Tempered Glass

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Strengthened (tempered) glass has successfully been fielded in indoor and outdoor lighting applications for > 50 years to provide translucent properties as well as long-term mechanical strength and durability (thermal, chemical, and environmental). Glass has proved to be the best long-term material choice to protect the valuable components of a lighting fixture (light source, reflectors, electronics, etc.) from the elements in architectural lighting applications.  Unlike other materials, glass does not carry a static charge that attracts dirt and does not degrade to the intense and prolonged UV exposure seen in outdoor lighting applications.  Tempered glass is a lost-cost and readily available material option that can be easily and cost-effectively converted into end fabricated part based on the light application’s need.

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  • up to 48” x 96” sheets
  • as small as 1” circles
  • Thickness from 1/8” (3mm) to ¾” (19mm) thick

JNS Value:

  • Large inventory of standard clear tempered glass lenses and spread lenses in a variety of common lighting sizes ranging in size from 1” diameter, MR8, MR11, MR16 and Par Sizes
  • Colored glass and borosilicate glass can be heat strengthened
  • Diffusers, spread lenses, AR coated glass lenses can be tempered
  • Hassle free ordering, quick turnaround on all tempered glass
  • Shipping locations on East Coast, West Coast and Midwest