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JNS Glass

JNS Glass


(Hexagon Louver, Honeycomb Louver)

  • Can be fabricated to any shape or size
  • Made from low density high strength material originally used in aerospace industry
  • Sizes such as MR11 and MR16 readily available from stock
  • Available in aluminum finish or black
  • Able to withstand 350 degree F with no out-gassing

The degree of cut-off or shielding is determined by the louver cell diameter and depth, as shown below in the table and in the illustration at right. Specific products will require specific cell and depth dimensions. For example, an MR16 louver uses a 1/8″ x .125 louver, which gives a 45 degree cut-off.  Consult our sales team for special cut-off requirements.

Note that because of the thin material used to make these louvers, all louvers offer high “open area”. This means you can achieve glare control with very little loss of light. Open areas are shown in the table below.

JNS Glass
JNS Glass