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JNS Glass & Coatings has been delivering competitive lens solutions to lighting OEM’s, distributors and designers for over 20 years.  Our wide range of lenses and coatings are designed to manipulate the shape, color, Kelvin temperature, intensity, beam spread and specific wavelengths of light.  JNS Glass & Coatings stock MR11 1.370” and MR16 1.965” sizes readily available of the shelf in clear, diffusion, color, UV Blocking, dichroic, color temperature correctors, neutral density and hot mirror. We are a professional organization you can count on.   Dichroic, UV blocking, Hot Mirror, Cold Mirror, Reflective and Anti-reflective coatings can be applied to any lens, including diffusion lenses, plastic lenses or customer-supplied substrates.

JNS Glass, Lighting Lenses


Tempered Glass – low cost, high impact strength

Borosilicate Glass – optically clear, great heat resistance

Low Iron Glass – optically clear for additional transmission

Solite Diffusion Glass – soft focus lens

Prismatic Diffusion Glass – wide spread 55 x 55 degrees

Frosted Diffusion Glass – softening lens

Linear Spread Glass – rectilinear spread 55 x 5 degrees

Louvers – reduce glare

Dichroic Filters – match and Rosco or Lee color for theatrical or architectural lighting accents

Neutral Density – reduce light output without changing color

Warming/Cooling Filters – increase or decrease Kelvin temperature to desired temperature

AR Coated Glass – 98% transmission glass for increased lumen output.  Can be heat tempered.

Colored Glass – colored glass for landscape lighting or general lighting accents


  • Large inventory of standard clear tempered glass lenses and spread lenses in a variety of common lighting sizes ranging in size from 1.00” diameter to 6.00” diameters
  • Supplier of both substrates and coatings (including design)
  • Ability to heat temper parts up to 48” x 96” size and from 1/8” (3mm) to ¾” (19mm) thick
  • Ability to heat strengthen parts as small as 1” circles
  • Colored glass and borosilicate glass can be heat strengthened
  • Hassle free ordering, quick turnaround


Cutting – any shape or size

Edging – can provide parts with stepped edges

Heat Tempering – parts as small as 1” and up to 48” x 96”

Screen Printing – silk screened border for light control

Machining – lathe grinding for mass production of circles

Precision Optical Coatings – control color temperature, UV, IR or visible transmission

Cleaning – all parts we produced are professionally cleaned and packaged

Tube Fabrication – stock borosilicate tubing

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