Ultra Thin Float

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JNS stocks a wide range of Glaverbel ultra-thin glass ranging in thickness from .4mm-1.6mm.  Glaverbel float glass is manufactured in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses down to 0.4 mm. The manufacturing of thin and extra-thin glasses according to the float process guarantees optimal surface evenness, minimal variation in thickness within a single batch of glass, lower thickness tolerances than those obtained through any other manufacturing process.

JNS Glass, Teleprompter beamsplitter glass, Gorilla Glass, industrial glass, thin film coating, optical thin film coating, tempered glass, 

Typical Applications:

  • Printed circuit substrates and electronic applications
  • Coating substrates
  • Protective cover glass for instruments and displays
  • Laminated applications
  • Microslides for microscopy and medical uses
  • Anti-Newton ring glass for the protection of photographic slides
  • Photographic plates

Mechanical and Thermal:

Specific Weight: (106Kg.m-3)   2,483 g/cm3
Modulus of Elasticity (Young’s):   70+/-2GPa
Thermal Coefficient of Expansion (0/300 °C):   84 x 10 -7/° per C
Strain Point:   490+/-10°C


Refractive Index:   1.523


Dielectric Constant @ 25°C; 1 MHz   E= 7.75
Specific Resistivity: @ 25°C; 1000Hz   9.7 (Ωcm)


Hydrolytic resistance:   class 3