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JNS Glass and Coatings Non-Glare glass is manufactured by acid etching one or two surfaces of the glass, yielding uniform evenly diffused surfaces for high resolution applications.  Non-glare glass disperses reflected light, allowing the user to focus on the transmitted image. Non-glare glass is available in several quality and etching levels: from picture frame quality to display quality, and from 60 to 140 gloss units. A lower gloss reading denotes a more diffuse panel.

The use of a textured surface in front of a display allows suppressing inconvenient reflections of the display. It gives furthermore a paper-like feeling when using a pen and meets all quality requirements such as good resolution, contrast and flickering (sparkling) of the image.  AR coatings can be applied to non-glare glass for additional control of reflection.

JNS Glass

JNS Glass

If non-glare etched glass does not meet your needs, please learn more about our anti-reflective coated glass.


  • Low reflection, High Resolution, Superior Durability and Anti-Newton Ring
  • “Low-Sparkle” grade available for aviation display, military and other high tech display applications -85 or 100 gloss is standard but other gloss ratings available upon request
  • Can be heat tempered, laminated or chemical strengthened
  • Does not become highly reflective as a result of oily fingerprints like anti-reflective coated glass or untreated surfaces
  • For quality assurance, gloss values measured by BYK Gardner Glossmaster model 4501
  • Available gloss range from 60° to 150°
  • Custom thickness, sizes and gloss ranges from 60° to 150° are available upon request.
  • Can be etched on one or both surfaces

Available Sizes:

Thickness: .7mm (.027”) – 5mm (.188”)
Max Size: 1600mm (63”) x 1066mm (42”)

Typical Applications:

  • Monitor Face Plates
  • Electronic Displays
  • Medical Instruments
  • Video Game Screens
  • Touch Panels
  • LED Displays
  • Outdoor Electronic Monitors & Systems