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JNS Glass

Shield Lenses and Lighting from Impact, Dust and Harsh Environments. Durable, Lightweight and Economical Solution for Inspection Windows.



  • Glass substrates with tight control of parallelism and cosmetic surface quality
  • Block UV while passing visible and near-IR wavelengths
  • Spectrally neutral within the designated passband
  • High efficiency anti-reflection coatings are standard on LP285, LP340 and LP415 filters to maximize transmission
  • Surface Quality: 40/20

Mount & Size Options

  • Threaded Mount sizes: M13.25-M105, C/CS Mount, Slip Mount, Unmounted


  • Acrylic material has up to 10X the breakage resistance of glass
  • Suitable for FDA-type applications
  • Can be sold in larger sheets up to 900mm sq. Standard thickness is 2.0mm
  • AC380 surfaces feature vacuum sputtered coatings; (1) high-efficiency anti-reflection coatings (T>99+% per surface) and (2) scratch-and solvent-resistant coatings that are impenetrable to solvents such as acetone, MEK and severe abrasion
  • All types block UV radiation
  • AC380 surface quality: 40/20; AC685 and AC760: 80/50

Mount & Size Options

  • Can be precision laser-cut in house to any desired size or configuration for next day delivery
  • Available in Threaded Mount sizes: M13.25-M105; Slip Mount
JNS Glass