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Polarizing filters reduce unwanted reflection or specular glare.

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Linear Polarizers

Recommended for minimizing glare in any application, passing light through a linear polarizer will also block approximately two-thirds of the incident light.

Circular Polarizers

A combination of a linear polarizer and a quarter wave retarder, circular polarizers are recommended for use in systems that employ a mirror or beamsplitter in conjunction with a light metering or auto-focus capability.


  • Available in both Linear and Circular for imaging in the Visible and Near-IR
  • Threaded filters are equipped with a rotating mount and locking thumb screw
  • Use with Linear and Circular polarizing sheet material for maximum reduction in glare
  • Filter Surface Quality: 40/20; (PR120: 80/50)

Mount & Size Options

  • Polarizing Filters: Rotating Threaded Mount sizes: M22.5-M105, Slip Mount, Unmounted
  • Polarizing Sheets: Custom cut to fit any lighting, maximum usable width 16.5″

The oleophobic anti-reflection coated glass polarizer sheet has an extended polarization efficiency, is abrasion and solvent resistant and can withstand higher temperatures than typical film. Custom shapes and sizes are available up to 635 x 406mm (25″ x 16″).

Visible Polarizers

Visible polarizers decrease glare over the 400-700nm wavelength range.

Near-IR Polarizers

Near-infrared linear polarizers work best over the 700-1100nm wavelength range.

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