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Neutral Density filters reduce light intensity without affecting apparent color. They also allow for longer exposure times and reduced depth of field by using a wider iris opening, thus improving the separation of subject matter from background information.

JNS Glass

ND Series – VIS, Absorptive

  • Reduce light intensity in the visible spectrum without affecting color and contrast
  • Use with monochrome or color cameras when imaging in the visible (VIS) spectrum
  • Eliminate over-saturated images
  • Surface Quality: 40/20

Ni Series – VIS/NIR, Low Reflectivity

  • Reduce light intensity neutrally throughout the VIS and NIR spectrums
  • Use with monochrome or color cameras, or can be placed over bright light sources
  • Made with low-expansion, heat-resistant Borofloat® glass, Ni filters can be used to aid in thermal load reduction
  • Superior parallelism and surface quality
  • Surface Quality: 40/20

Mount & Size Options

  • Threaded Mount sizes: M13.25-105, C/CS Mount, Slip Mount, Unmounted
  • Custom shapes and sizes available
  • Can be stacked with other Neutral Density filters to achieve various optical densities

*Custom densities available upon request

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