Light Balancing

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Mount Over Your Color Camera’s Lens to Achieve Natural Color Rendition.

JNS Glass


  • Used to modify the color temperature or balance when LED, fluorescent, sodium, halogen, metal halide, tungsten or other white lighting is being utilized in the area
  • LA series (amber) filters reduce blue shading (“warm” the scene) that often strongly predominates with some types of white LED and xenon strobe lighting
  • LB series (blue) filters subdue the reddish hue found with some tungsten, halogen, sodium and other light sources
  • FL series filters used to reduce the greenish cast created by fluorescent lighting
  • Surface Quality: 40/20

Mount & Size Options

  • Threaded Mount sizes: M13.25-M105, Slip Mount, Unmounted
  • Custom shapes and sizes available
JNS Glass