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Bandpass filters transmit a specific portion of the spectrum while blocking shorter and longer wavelengths. The resulting increase in signal-to-noise ratio improves contrast and insures control of changes that may occur in ambient lighting conditions. Broad bandwidth, angular insensitivity and rugged designs allow our bandpass filters to be used with very wide angle lenses regardless of the varying spectral output of LED and laser diode lighting.

JNS Glass


  • Enhanced contrast for viewing of desired features
  • Designed for compatibility with all commonly used LED and laser diode wavelengths and UV excited fluorescence emissions
  • Shields systems from unwanted ambient light
  • Limits the loss of resolution associated with chromatic aberrations
  • Aids in increased LED light stability and longevity by facilitating operation at reduced power levels
  • Essential for successful imaging in the UV and Near-IR. Visible light must be blocked to maximize contrast in these situations.
  • Surface Quality: 40/20

Mount & Size Options

  • Threaded Mount, C/CS Mount, Slip Mount, Unmounted
  • BP and BN Series Threaded Mount sizes: M13.25-M105; Bi Series: M13.25-M82
  • Custom shapes and sizes available
JNS Glass

* Available in M25.4-SIS (5mm thick mount)

*Due to continuous product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.