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JNS is a premier distributor and fabricator of Schott Borofloat® 33 glass.  JNS can provide full un-fabricated sheets, crates of Borofloat® glass or Borofloat® parts made to print.  SCHOTT Borofloat® 33 is a versatile borosilicate glass with excellent light transmission, thermal properties, and chemical resistance. Its unique properties make it desirable in many different applications, from high temperature lighting windows, view ports in extreme conditions, to the medical and semiconductor industry. Borofloat® wafers are an excellent substrate for MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems), as its coefficient of thermal expansion is very similar to silicon and allows for anodic bonding between the two. The low density of Borofloat® also makes it an excellent choice for lighter weight laminated glass systems such as bulletproof glass.

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Why Borofloat® for your application? high thermal resistance, high transmission, flatness, good coatability, thermal expansion coefficient, chemical processability, hardness.

Schott Borofloat® Brochure

Schott Borofloat Spec Sheet

Typical Applications:

  • Precision engineering, optics   (optical filters, coating substrates, wafers for UV bonding)
  • Semiconductor engineering, electronics, sensors (wafers, display glass, MEMS)
  • Environmental engineering, chemical industry  (resistant linings, sight glasses for reaction vessels, microfluidic systems)
  • Lighting  (protective panels for spotlights and high-power floodlights)
  • Medical technology, biotechnology   (slides, titration plates, DNA sequencers, microfluidic systems)
  • Home Appliances   (Interior oven doors, fittings in microwave appliances)
  • Photovoltaics  (glass for solar collectors)

BOROFLOAT® 33 glass is available in the following standard thicknesses and tolerances:

JNS offers stock sheet pricing, full crate pricing and custom fabricated part pricing.

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Panel thickness is continuously measured during production using laser thickness measuring equipment.
Further thicknesses and tolerances are available on request.