NBK7® Optical Glass

NBK7® Optical Glass 2017-06-07T13:19:20-07:00

N-BK7 is the arsenic- and lead free successor material of BK7, which has been discontinued. It is one of the most common technical optical glass materials, used for high quality optical components in the visible range. N-BK7 is a relatively tough boro-crown glass and shows a good scratch resistance.  N-BK7 has a very low amount of inclusions and is almost free of bubbles. Another reason for choosing N-BK7 is the high linear optical transmission in the visible range down to 350nm. Because of stable chemical properties of N-BK7, no special treatment is required to grind and polish the material. N-BK7 is produced in strips and blocks up to about 350mm wide and about 70mm thick. It can be fabricated to any smaller size. Larger N–BK7 strips and dimensions are available on request.   JNS Glass & Coatings grinds, polishes and shapes the N-BK7 material according to your specifications.

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