Advanced Glass Materials

//Advanced Glass Materials
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JNS Glass

JNS Glass & Coatings stocks a variety of specialty glass products used across many different industries.   Please contact us today and let JNS Glass & Coatings help you select the right material for your application.  Our in house precision machining allows us to put all the finishing touches on any of the above materials.

AR Coated Glass

SCHOTT B270® Glass

NBK7® Optical Glass

Corning® 7980 Fused Silica

Corning Macor®
Corning® Willow® Glass

SCHOTT D263® T Eco-Friendly Glass

SCHOTT Filter Glass

GE 124 Fused Quartz

Starphire® Ultra-Clear Glass
Corning® Eagle XG® Glass

SCHOTT AF 32® Eco Thin Glass

Hoya Filter Glass

SCHOTT Zerodur®

Ceramic Glass