Precision Slicing/Dicing

//Precision Slicing/Dicing
Precision Slicing/Dicing 2017-06-07T13:19:24-07:00

JNS dices both coated and uncoated optics. Our broad inventory of specialty thin glass products coupled with our in house coating and slicing/dicing capability make JNS a turnkey solutions provider for MEMS glass components.

JNS Glass, , chemically strengthened glass, lighting lenses

Cut Tolerances:* 0.03 mm [0.001”]

Maximum Thickness: 4.00 mm [0.157”]

Minimum Thickness: 0.50 mm [0.020”]

Maximum Material Size: 165 mm x 165 mm [6.5” x 6.5”]

*Cut tolerance above for substrates ≤ 2.5mm [0.100”]mm thick. Cut tolerances are 0.05 mm [0.002”] for thicker substrates.