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JNS Glass & Coating’s oleophobic topcoats will bond to both uncoated glass and antireflection coatings on the glass surface.  The oleophobic coating improves the overall physical performance of an AR coating with the ability to resist fingerprints, water, oil, and chemicals.  Its non-stick surface acts as a barrier to impurities, virtually eliminating the adverse effects of surface contamination.  The oleophobic top coating can be applied either directly to the bare surface of uncoated glass or directly to the AR coated surface, allowing the AR coating to maintain its low level of reflectivity.   The oleophobic coating provided by JNS Glass & Coatings is a more rugged and durable protection solution than the industry standard for oleophobic coatings typically used with an AR coating.  The reflectance, transmittance, oleophobic and hydrophobic  and severe abrasion resistance performance is superior and able to maintain its CWA performance for >12,000 cycles of severe steel wool abrasion testing, over twice that of most alternates.

JNS Glass

Key Benefits:

  • Invisible to Naked Eye: When applied to AR coated surface, the AR coating maintains < 0.5% photopic reflection
  • Resistant to Severe Abrasion and Scratches: Low coefficient of friction makes it rugged and durable, protecting the surface from scratches even in harsh or frequent use environments.
  • Easy-to-Clean: Non-stick surface resists picking up dust and dirt contamination from the surrounding environment and is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Fingerprint & Smudge Resistant: Oil resistant (Oleophobic) coating reduces adherence of finger-prints and smudges to help maintain pristine image quality even after repeated cleaning.
  • Versatile: JNS Oleophobic coating be applied to sodalime, borosilicate, Gorilla Glass™, fused silica and other substrates ranging in thickness from 0.2mm to 5.00” and sizes up to 88” x 126” in size


  • Touch Screen Displays
  • Ruggedized Displays
  • Camera Enclosures
  • Avionic Displays
  • Medical Displays
  • Industrial and Commercial OEM products
  • Cover Glass in Harsh Environment