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JNS has the ability to deposit a number of precious and non-precious metals including Gold, Silver, Aluminum, Nickel, Chromium, Copper, Inconel, Titanium, Halfnium, Tantalum, Tungsten, Silicon, Germanium, and Molybdenum.  Reflective metal coatings such as aluminum, gold, silver, and chromium are advantageous for many optical reflector applications due to the low manufacturing cost, and stability in reflectance and polarization state over a broad range of angles. Metal mirrors can be applied as first or second surface mirrors, depending on the optical system requirement. For many applications, the reflectivity of the metal can be further enhanced by adding dielectric overcoat layers. By selecting coating materials of both high and low refractive index, deposited in alternating sequence with precise optical thickness control, defined bandwidths of high reflectance can be achieved. Low absorption and very high reflectance are the key attributes for dielectric reflector optical coatings. These hybrid coatings are known as enhanced metal mirrors. Further, metal mirrors can be overcoated with a single dielectric layer to add hardness and oxidation stability to the mirrored surface. This process is known as a protected metal mirror. JNS also offers straight dielectric reflective coatings and stock first surface mirror in large sheet format.

Enhanced First Surface Silver

This design is very standard and often uses for demanding telescope and other very high performance imaging applications. Reflectance may be specified for IR wavelengths

JNS Glass

Protected Gold Mirror

The protected gold mirror coating reflects an average of 97% over the spectrum (700-2000nm). This coating can also be used for IR wavelength bands 3-5nm and 8-12nm.

JNS Glass

Enhanced First Surface Aluminum

The front surface of the enhanced aluminum mirror coating reflects an average of 93% over the visible spectrum (450-650nm). Back surface reflective aluminum coatings are also available.

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