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Often our customers need a custom AR coating that is tailored to meet specific requirements.  JNS Glass & Coatings has developed 1000’s of AR coating designs to meet these needs.   JNS Glass & Coatings anti-reflection coatings improve efficiency of the optic by increasing transmission and brightness and offer better contrast definition by reducing surface reflections over a specific wavelength range.  AR coatings are useful for optimizing light transmission for single or multiple wavelengths, in order to enhance imaging potential and drive maximum performance in the optical system. Ghost images and multiple reflections can be minimized or potentially eliminated by including AR coatings on an optic.   It is important to use an AR coating for the intended wavelength ranges.  Using an AR coating outside of the intended wavelength range may have a negative impact on the performance.   JNS AR coating can be applied to glass or polymer substrates and our oleophobic coating can be applied over AR coatings to reduce fingerprinting, improve clean-ability and prevent moisture buildup.   Contact JNS Glass & Coatings for AR coating requirements to meet spectral performance and environmental and durability requirements per MIL-C-14806A, MILC-675C, ISO9211, ISO9022, EN1096-2.

JNS Anti-reflection coatings are available to cover broad or narrow bandwidth in the UV, Visible and IR spectrums.  

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VIS BBAR  This high efficiency broadband anti-reflective coating reflects less than 0.5% average from 425-675nm. Higher performance specifications are also available.

MgF2   Low cost MgF2 coating with reflection average less than 1.75% from 400-700nm

VIS-NIR This broadband coating provides a low level of reflectance across a wide spectrum from 400-1100nm, reflecting less than 1.0% average. Standard and custom coatings are available for refractive indices of 1.46 to 1.90.

Telecommunications AR   This broadband AR coating is particularly designed for telecommunication applications. It provides a low level of reflectance to less than 0.25% average from 1450-1650nm. Standard & custom coatings are available for refractive indices of 1.46-1.90

UV-AR This broadband AR coating is particularly designed for the ultra-violet region. It provides a low level of reflectance less than 0.5% average from 275-425nm. Standard & custom coatings are available for refractive indices of 1.46-1.90

NIR – this AR coating for the near IR has a reflection average < 0.5% from 700-950nm at 0 AOI.

A custom coating deposition may not be required for every custom optical component we produce.   JNS Glass & Coatings inventories a large range of AR coated glass that are distributed in full sheets or machined down to smaller dimensions and shapes to meet customer requirements.  Our stock AR coated glass ranges in thickness from .7mm to 12mm and is either coated on one or two surfaces.   Most JNS AR coated materials can be thermally-toughened, laminated, bent, screen printed, drilled and edge-worked.

Inventory of Pre-Coated Anti-Reflective Glass

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*inventory may vary depending on our demand at the time of inquiry