UV Blocking

UV rejection coatings are designed to block all and any unwanted UV energy while transmitting the desired light. We offer stock Optivex™ UV blocking glass and custom UV blocking coatings which are typically used in lighting systems for museums, art galleries, libraries, retail environments, and high end residential applications around the world. These UV rejection coatings are also used in medical and laser instruments, outdoor LCD displays, and many other OEM applications requiring specific control of the UV spectrum.


  • Allows the increase of light levels without the risk of damage to display objects
  • Filters maintain color consistency and performance stability in the presence of heat
  • Non-absorbing design prevents filter-damaging heat build-up
  • Sharp filter cutoff for virtually no color distortion in the visible light region
  • Can be coated on glass or plastic substrates, curved surfaces, customer supplied lenses, diffusion and spread
    ,colored glass, and dichroic lenses
  • Optivex™ glass readily available in inventory to be fabricated to any shape or size up to 10” diameter or 10"x 30” rectangle
  • MR16 1.965” diameter Optivex™ filters readily available in inventory

Spectral graph of custom UV coating than can be applied to any glass or hard-coated plastic substrate.


Typical Applications:

  • Lighting
  • LCD Displays
  • Medical
  • Laser
  • Instrumentation
  • Photonics
  • Optics
  • Industrial


JNS Glass and Coatings is not limited to any specifications or spectral curves shown on our website. 
Please let us help you design the coating or select the glass that is right for your application! 
Fabrication tolerances and spectral tolerances all conform to the specifications to be agreed upon by JNS Glass and Coatings and the customer.